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This is Temporary
a poem for vestibular healing by Amy Olson

This is temporary,
I promise.

Do not panic,
do not let fear grip your heart,
do not succumb to the whirlwind of desperation,
for within you lies a calm, a stillness,
the steady rhythm of healing.

You will find your steadiness again. I promise.
But right now, for some reason, life wants to upend you.
It needed to get your attention.

It’s okay if you don’t understand
Not knowing is part of this
Not knowing is sometimes what life asks of us
To clean out the rigidity and the stuck places.

What you seek to regain
lies not in the hands of others,
but within the fabric of your own body. Trust me, it’s in there.
I know this is frightening. It can also be an awakening.

The journey of healing is not a sprint,
but a deliberate, patient pilgrimage,
each step is a testament to your strength,
each moment a chance for growth.

The faster you try to go, the longer you will suffer.
Trust me when I tell you this.
Go at a slow and steady pace, and this is temporary, I promise.

This is happening to you,
not as punishment,
but as an invitation,
to unearth the dormant whispers of self-awareness,
to embrace the forgotten fragments of your soul.

Be kind to yourself,
for within you resides a gentle spirit,
longing to be acknowledged,
longing to be understood,
longing to be loved.

When is the last time you were so kind to yourself that tears ran down your face?

I know this has caught you off guard,
the sudden intrusion of sensations,
the disruption of your carefully constructed reality,
but know this: you are still okay,
you are still whole,
and this, too, shall pass.

This is temporary,
a liminal space,
a threshold between what was and what will be,
a momentary pause in the symphony of life.

Linger not in the corridors of fear,
but embrace the fleeting nature of this moment,
for within it lies the opportunity,
to redefine your boundaries,
And articulate your truths,
to reclaim your steadiness.

Now, stand with the sun on your face.
There are still pleasures to find in this body, this home of your soul.

Feel the solid earth beneath you,
grounding you,
anchoring you,
connecting you to the pebbles, the dirt, the dust, the realness.

Now feel your body breathing,
Where can you find some feeling of steadiness?

Like a miner looking for a diamond, focus on that sensation.

Imagine it if you must. Your brain doesn’t know the difference.
And remember, this is temporary.

Feel gravity pulling you down,
Hugging you to the earth,
reminding you of your humanness,
and yet, standing tall.

Now feel your breath,
Where can you uncover some feeling of steadiness? Feel that.

Feel your bones,
How solidly they stack,
the sturdy scaffolding of your existence,
the silent witnesses to your journey.

Notice your breathing,
Where can you anchor yourself in steadiness? Embrace that.
And remember, this is temporary.

Feel your muscles,
wrapping around your bones,
a testament to your resilience,
a reminder of your strength.

Find your breath,
Where can you grasp onto a feeling of steadiness?
Savor that.

Imagine the facial matrix wrapping securely around your muscles,
The intimacy and security provided by the integrity of this web,
Silently embracing you.

Now feel your body breathing,
Where do you find a refuge in steadiness?

Hold a candle to it and study it with curiosity.
And remember, this is temporary.

Feel your skin,
holding it all together,
a barrier against the chaos,
a canvas upon which life is painted.

Where can you cultivate steadiness?

Amplify it with your imagination.
And remember, this is temporary.

Feel the fabric of the clothing against your skin,
the gentle caress of familiarity,
the reminder of the mundane amidst the extraordinary.

Where do you discern the pulse of steadiness?

Indulge in its rhythm.
And remember, this is temporary.

Feel the breeze whispering against your skin,
a soft reminder of the ephemeral nature of existence,
a gentle nudge towards mindfulness.

It is this presence,
this noticing,
this stillness,
that will carry you across the threshold,
into the next phase of your journey,
with grace,
with courage,
with resilience.

Trust me when I tell you this.
Go at a slow and steady pace,

this is temporary, I promise.

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