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I am captivated by Rorschach inkblots!  They are arguably one of he most iconic symbols in the world of psychology. Once commonly used to diagnose mental illness, today you can find artistic recreations of inkblots everywhere from the canvas to ceramics to fashion.

Rorschach inkblots study how people see things. Do you see a wolf? A woman? A butterfly? I think they are a metaphor for what we do in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a study of how one sees the world and how the mind works. There is no right or wrong. Sometimes things are hidden in plain sight.

Importantly, how we see things impacts how we feel. In therapy, we forge a real relationship together, we look at life from all angles, maybe turn things upside down and sideways. My style of psychotherapy is based on the belief that there is power in seeing things in many different ways. We can change how we feel, when we expand what we see.

- Amy Olson, LCSW, CEDS-S

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