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Treating a Wide Range of Emotional Difficulties

I practice talk therapy using a primarily psychodynamic approach. Because each person is unique, I also integrate somatically attuned and cognitive-behavioral interventions, medication, nutritional support, or other supportive therapies and services as necessary.

Over the past twenty-two years in practice, I have seen the healing potential of the therapeutic relationship and the transformation possible when both the therapist and patient commit to the treatment. As your therapist, I provide a safe space for you to understand feelings, behaviors, and relational patterns that cause you suffering. Together we nurture awareness, resilience, and well-being.

I am particularly open to meeting with those who have not found sufficient change or recovery from previous treatment. In many cases, such individuals respond well to therapy of greater depth, relationship, and duration.

Areas of clinical focus:

Mood Disorders such as Anxiety and Depression

Relationship Issues


Personality Disorders




Self Esteem

Personal Growth/Life Transitions

Women's Issues

Eating Disorders

I am also a "therapist's therapist," experienced in providing therapy to fellow mental health professionals.

Psychotherapy sessions occur on at least a weekly basis, or more, as clinically indicated.