Group and Individual Options



Working closely with a consultant is one of the most important investments you will make in your professional career. Within this relationship, one develops a theoretical orientation, a niche and a way of working that is sustaining both personally and professionally. Think of it as an educational endeavor tailored around exactly what you want to learn! I walk my talk when it comes to the value of consultation:

  • I have received nearly 600 hours of consultation, post-licensure,  from senior psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. 

  • Completed NASWNC’s Clinical Supervision Certificate, 2007 

  • Completed advanced training through the International Psychotherapy Institute in Clinical Consulting, 2017

At this time, consultation is limited only to licensed clinicians. I provide:

  • General consultation to clinicians interesting in developing skills in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

  • Specialty consultation to clinicians desiring to learn skills to treat eating disorders in a way that combines direct intervention with psychological understanding. 

  • Approved consultation for those seeking certification as an Eating Disorders Professional with the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.

If you are interested in discussing consultation, please contact me at amy@amyolsontherapy.com



Groups are currently on hold due to circumstances related to COVID-19. This group will feature a contemporary psychodynamic approach to the treatment of eating disorders.

Please email me if interested amy@amyolsontherapy.com